Effectively Using Social Media for OCC

Last Tuesday, I had the great pleasure to speak with the co-chairs across Canada at the Winners Walk of Hope. I shared ten tips with them on how to make a Facebook campaign more successful.


Ovarian Cancer Canada’s ninth annual Winners Walks of Hope will take place on September 12, 2010, in fifteen cities across Canada. The goal is to promote awareness of ovarian cancer. There is no early detection test, so knowing the signs and symptoms is crucial. They want to take their Facebook campaign and presence to the next level and to increase their fan base.

What follows is the ten tips I shared with them to grow their social media network.

1. Be relevant to your cause. Be relevant to fans’ wants and needs. Respond to information that benefits them. They want facts, not fluff, and they want honest opinions.

2. Stay local! Local content is the key. A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of “2009 Vancouver Winners Walk of Hope”? Probably two thousand. A video interview of “2009 Vancouver Winners Walk of Hope”? You got the idea.

3. Keep it fresh! Imagine Winners carries the same style and never updates its collections. Update your status once a week by sharing interesting news articles, photos, or videos. It takes less than five minutes.

4. Engage the audience. Quickly respond to your audience. Thank them for their comments. Get curious about them. Start a conversation by commenting on others’ updates. Nurture the relationship. People who respond are usually like-minded people. They can help with your goals.

5. Grow your network with a team challenge! Post a Winners Walk of Hope Chair challenge. Ask your chairs and team leaders to bring a friend. Be a good neighour and befriend other fundraising causes.

6. Tell fans where you are or where you will be. Tell your audience about your upcoming events (e.g. yard sale, meet and greet, beer event, training session, or local walk).

7. Less is more. One thought per update. Facebook fans can have short attention spans.

8. Break news, but make it relevant. Fans want to hear about your challenges. Give them benefits they care about. Post updates about your fundraising goals, challenges, and achievements along the way, big or small.

9. People love tips and tricks. Quick tips about how to do things always get responses. Share your unique fundraising challenges and best practices in your city.

10. Provide links to interesting or useful information. Links can build fans. Again, be relevant to people’s wants and needs. They will like it.

Be relevant to your cause, network with others, and content are the keys to any social media campaigns. These strategies can also be adapted for Twitter.

(Also available as a PDF.)

Interested in promoting ovarian cancer awareness in your city?

Check out their walk locations and join for the walk on September 12 or be a virtual walker!

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