October Issue – Recent Blog Posts by SJG

October is the month of newspaper at The St. John Group. We explore the state of the newspaper industry. Hope you enjoy our two-part series.

The newspaper is dead. Long live the newspaper. (Part 1)


Does a new media technology replace an older media technology? Is the newspaper headed for extinction? Before we write the newspapers its obituary, let’s see how other media have dealt with massive change. This is a story of displacement, not replacement.

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A smarter, greener, and more personalized news. (Part 2)


The first thing I do in the morning is grab my phone and read the Toronto Star’s website on my bed instead of walking to the front door to get the paper. Have we changed our reading habits completely? Elliot discusses the future of a completely personalized, wireless, device-agnostic, and location-based newspaper.

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Talent relationship management.


Most people are familiar with customer relationship management, but for SJG, talent relationship management is equally as important. George shares with you some tips to developing successful teams and how to continue and build those relationships further.

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Meetings with Meanings

Elliot: The new ROI (Return on Ideas)

How to execute ideas faster, while still delivering excellence? Elliot discusses the six steps to maximize the new ROI.


Thom: The Ethos of Skateboarding

Thom observed a new form of quiet collaboration that creative organizations can adopt to deliver innovation to their audiences.


Showcase: TIFF Cameron's Picks

Watch our latest interview video of Cameron Bailey at the Toronto International Film Festival 2010.


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